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XTANT, the textile craftsmanship festival, aims to rethink how we create and consume in a globalized world. It takes place in Mallorca and brings together master artisans from around the world to share experiences and discuss the current state of affairs. The term ¨XTANT¨refers to something that still exists and has not disappeared.

Kavita Parmar and Marcella Echevarría, the driving forces behind Xtant, believe that real change comes from creating alternatives. Through a diverse program of activities, the festival seeks to honor the traditions inherited from our ancestors, recognize the richness and diversity of our material and immaterial heritage, and remember what makes us human. Their focus is on fostering reflection and promoting a new narrative based on responsibility, transparency, and intergenerational thinking.

XTANT has hosted both international artisans and artists, such as Gastón Ugalde, Bode New York, Aurelie Hoegy, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, and Daniel Costa, as well as local figures like Tatiana Sarrasa (designer of Cortana), Rosa Esteva, and the ABA Art Lab gallery. Additionally, the festival has featured experts in design, fashion, and environmentalism, including Dr. Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Lisa Gansky, Li Edelkoort and Pascale Gatzen.