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Sustainable Fashion Glossary

The “Sustainable Fashion Glossary”, created by Condé Nast in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, serves as an essential resource for consumers, designers, and industry professionals seeking to understand and adopt sustainable practices. With over 100 carefully defined terms, the glossary covers key concepts ranging from sustainable materials to ethical production practices.

One of the highlights of the glossary is its inclusive approach, encompassing a wide range of topics relevant to sustainable fashion. From organic cotton and circular production to supply chain transparency, the glossary provides a comprehensive view of the foundational aspects shaping sustainable fashion.

In addition to clear definitions, the glossary also features practical examples and case studies illustrating how these practices are applied in the real industry. This not only facilitates understanding but also inspires readers to consider fashion from a more ethical and sustainable perspective.

The collaboration between Condé Nast and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion reflects a shared commitment to leading the way toward a more sustainable fashion industry. This glossary not only educatres but also drives conversation and action toward more responsable practises.