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Can you imagine a shoe that can be completely recycled with the help of a robot?

That is the proposal of Ruei, an innovative project that combines design, technology and sustainability.

Ruei is the result of research by British designer Maxwell Ashford, in collaboration with ABB Robotics, a leading company in industrial automation. The aim of the project is to create a shoe that can be easily disassembled by a robot, thanks to the fact that it incorporates all the information about the materials it is made of.

This avoids the problem of mixing materials, which hinders the recycling of many textile products, and makes it easier to obtain pure fractions that can be reused to create new products. This reduces the environmental impact and promotes the circular economy.

Ruei is an example of how sustainable fashion can take advantage of new tools and techniques to create greener and more responsible products, a shoe that reflects innovation, creativity and commitment to the future.