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Currently, Fashion is the third most polluting supply chain in terms of CO2 on the planet, primarily due to textile production.

Rubi produces high-quality cellulose fibers similar to those already used by the industry (such as viscose and lyocell), directly from CO2, at a lower cost, and completely carbon, water, and land neutral. At the end of their life cycle, after numerous cycles of reuse and renewal in circular systems, Rubi textiles fully biodegrade and return to the carbon cycle.

Here’s how the system works::

  1. CO2 emissions destined for the atmosphere are diverted into the Rubi system.
  2. The Rubi system captures and converts CO2 into pure cellulose pulp using enzymes.
  3. This cellulose pulp is then spun into fibers, threads, and textiles using the same processes employed in the cellulose industry.