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Raeburn is a British fashion brand founded by designer Christopher Raeburn, characterized by its commitment to sustainability and creativity. Its philosophy is based on the principles of REMADE, REDUCED and RECYCLED, which it applies to both its products and its processes.

REMADE: Raeburn uses recycled or surplus materials, such as military uniforms, parachutes or tarpaulins, to create unique, high-quality garments that preserve the history and functionality of the original materials.

REDUCED: The project reduces the environmental and social impact of its production by using efficient cutting techniques, minimizing water and energy use, and collaborating with local and ethical suppliers and manufacturers.

RECYCLED: The brand promotes the circular economy, offering its customers the possibility of returning their used garments in exchange for a discount, and reusing or recycling materials to create new products.

Raeburn is a brand that not only cares about sustainability, but also about creativity. Its collections are inspired by themes such as nature, exploration, science or technology, and feature innovative, functional and original designs.

Raeburn is an example of how fashion can be a positive force for change, combining respect for the environment and people with artistic expression and style. Their motto is “Remade in England”, but their vision is global.