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Parametriks Print 001 sneakers, designed by Nathan Smith, co-founder of the company Parametriks, exemplify the intersection of parametric design and 3D printing in the world of fashion. These sneakers represent a leap forward, offering new possibilities for creating customized, original, and sustainable products.
Let’s delve into the fascinating details:

  • Parametric Design:
    • Parametric design leverages algorithms to generate intricate shapes based on variable parameters. In the case of the Parametriks Print 001 sneakers, this approach allows for precise customization.
    • By adapting the shoe’s form to each user’s unique foot shape, resources are optimized, resulting in energy and water savings, reduced material waste, and a smaller ecological footprint.
    • The avoidance of overproduction and unsold inventory contributes to a circular economy.
  • Innovative Manufacturing Process:
    • The creation of these sneakers involves cutting-edge techniques:
      • Grasshopper Software: A plugin for the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros. It facilitates the development of parametric shoe designs by incorporating customer measurements and foot data.
      • 3D Printing with SLA Technology: The sneakers are 3D-printed using a machine based on Stereolithography (SLA). A laser solidifies a liquid resin layer by layer to form the shoe.
      • Material Choice: The selected material is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)—a flexible and durable plastic.
  • Sustainability and Creativity:
    • The Parametriks Print 001 sneakers exemplify how fashion can embrace sustainability while embracing technological opportunities.
    • The fusion of parametric design and 3D printing represents the future of the textile industry, catering to an increasingly conscious and discerning consumer base.

In summary, these sneakers showcase the exciting possibilities at the intersection of fashion, technology, and environmental responsibility.