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“Do you know who made your clothes?”

At IOWEYOU, you can discover the names, put faces to the artisans, and learn the stories of the people involved in the production process of each garment.

Authenticity, transparency, uniqueness, and both social and environmental responsibility are the brand’s guiding principles.

In the words of Kavita Parmar:

“When people buy a €10 T-shirt, they don’t realize that they’re not paying the true value of what they’re consuming… The one paying is the person in Asia sewing, the unemployed, the artisans, and the environment. The customer should know how garments are made, where, and under what circumstances. Hence the name of the project: ‘I owe you,’ which means taking responsibility for what you’re doing, getting involved in the workers’ problems, their children, their families. In the past, we knew who did what; now we consume without any consciousness.”

The project stems from this concern—to create something meaningful for everyone.