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Key features of Infinna:

  1. Recycled and Recyclable Fiber: Infinna uses patented technology to collect piles of cellulose-rich waste—such as old textiles, used cardboard, and crop residues like rice straw or wheat—and transforms them into high-quality fibers for the textile industry. These fibers can be recycled multiple times using the same process.
  2. Advanced Biodegradability: Infinna stands out for its unique ability to naturally decompose, closing the product’s life cycle sustainably. In a world where textile waste accumulation is a growing concern, this feature represents a significant step toward reducing the environmental footprint of fashion.
  3. Resource-Efficient Production: Infinna’s production distinguishes itself by efficiently using resources such as water and energy.Compared to other conventional fibers, the manufacturing process of Infinna minimizes negative impacts on these valuable resources, emphasizing more responsable production.