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Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) is a global initiative advocating for fair and safe working conditions in the garment industry. Founded in 1989, the campaign has evolved into an international movement that brings together unions, non-governmental organizations, and consumers with the goal of improving working conditions throughout the fashion supply chain.

The primary focus of the Clean Clothes Campaign is to ensure that textile and garment workers receive decent wages, work in safe environments, and enjoy basic labor rights. The campaign addresses issues such as labor exploitation, excessive working hours, lack of factory safety, and denial of union rights.

Over the years, the Clean Clothes Campaign has achieved significant victories, pressuring various brands to enhance working conditions in their factories and adopt corporate social responsibility policies. However, the struggle for fair labor conditions in the textile industry continues, as significant challenges persist worldwide.

In summary, the Clean Clothes Campaign plays a crucial role in promoting ethical practices within the fashion industry. Through consumer mobilization and consistent pressure on brands, the CCC tirelessly works toward sustainable change and the betterment of workers lives in the garment supply chain.