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In the 13th-century monastery nestled in the Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain, you’ll find Ábbatte, a project that seamlessly blends textile traditions, botany, and design. It serves as a true textile hub and reference point for many industry professionals.

The project was founded by Elena Goded Rambaud, a biologist and Doctor of Education who has spent 25 years teaching textile craftsmanship courses to educators. She is joined by her daughter, Camila Lanzas, an art historian and designer who took on the role of product creation. Another crucial part of Ábbatte is the team of weavers specifically trained to work here, all of whom are women from the nearby Monastery area.

They work with fibers such as silk, cashmere, and Spanish-origin wool (handwoven in the workshop, by the way), as well as linen. Some fibers come from other countries, like alpaca from Peru and Chile. They dye the fibers there and maintain a garden with 160 plant species used for fabric coloring.

The Segovia space includes the factory where manual looms are located, producing their exquisite products. Additionally, they have another area dedicated to cultural activities, hosting seminars, conferences, and various courses—from basketry to millinery.

Ábbatte stands as a beacon of Spain’s new craftsmanship, and it even has a retail presence in Madrid.

Anyone interested in exploring the Segovian Ábbatte facilities can arrange a guided visit by contacting the following:

  • Workshop: Monasterio de Santa María de la Sierra, Collado Hermoso, Segovia. Tel.921062063.
  • Store: Calle Villanueva 27, Madrid. Tel.916225530