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What if it were possible to create a collective voice calling for truly sustainable fashion?

What if individual wishes joined forces to echo around the globe, making enough noise to trigger real change.
What if that collective energy put its weight behind positive leadership?
What if we pooled our knowledge, ideas, traditions and customs to refresh and revive our society?

Let’s use our POWER as a driver of change and exchange to find new ways of doing things.


Statement of intentions

RE-POWER FASHION COLLECTIVE was created to carve out performative spaces
for dialogue and reflection to facilitate analysis and decision-making in response to the significant social, environmental, economic and spiritual decisions that lie ahead.

A few things you need to know

  • Everything you find on this site has been created with the intention of building a new paradigm
  • Its contents seek to generate reflection and new ways of thinking
  • Each of the concepts has been developed from a subjective perspective, to offer context and give us a starting point to work from

Care and maintenance

  • Change is the only constant
  • The Re-Power Fashion Collective is alive
  • Comments, opinions and suggestions are all part of its intrinsic evolution and transformation

How to use the site

  • Each concept is accompanied by a text
  • Don’t be constrained by the information in the concepts, they’re just a starting point
  • Feel completely free to say what you really think
  • The goal is completely unlimited, unconstrained thought
  • Explore, search and enjoy the whole site
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